Stubs might or might not be bred in the future. Depends on how much he grows and if I feel comfortable. He is ‘aggressive’ when it comes to trying to mate, so I know he won’t have a problem. It’ll just be my personal preference. 



He is a gorgeous chocolate blonde. His parents are Stella and Peanut.  There’s a good possibility that he also has sable and parti.

He has a very, very tiny babydoll face, with super far apart eyes. His snout is super short. His actual nose (not the snout, but the nose) is the smallest I have ever seen on a dog! He was born with a perfect apple shaped head, and looked just like an apple head chihuahua for the first few months of his life, before his coat really came in.

My baby boy weighs 1lb 14oz at 11 1/2months old. His weight keeps going up and down from 1.7-1.9lbs,  he should stay around 2lbs full grown! For several months, he was charting only 1.5lbs full grown, but with an all home cooked diet with a ton of protein and rice, I was able to make him as big as possible.

These lines are SUPER tiny and extremely babydoll. I can’t wait to see his future pups!!