Getting Your New Puppy Home

There are several ways you are able to get your new little one. No matter if you’re a few blocks away or hundreds of miles, There are several methods to get your new puppy into your arms safely. To insure a healthy and happy puppy, most pups are allowed to leave my home after 11-16 weeks old (even later for the extra small ones).

Please note that I don’t allow home pick ups anymore!! I have had 1 Yorkie stolen (I was able to get her back) and have had breeder friend’s who has had dogs stolen because of a buyer or people lookin in their home. I am willing to meet several minutes from my home in a public area. Special arrangements can be made for certain situations. If you don’t feel comfortable meeting, I completely understand, but I must keep my family and pets safe first.

Meet Up or Delivery

I am more than happy to meet up with the new family. Meeting up can be done in the Austin area, or up to 2 hours from my home. If you live less than 4 hours from my home, I am more than happy to personally take the pup all the way to your door or to your city if it will be easier for you for an additional fee. For a meet up of over 20min from me or delivery, a minimum small non-refundable deposit of at least $300 must be made to reserve the puppy. Taking a puppy to you is $45/hr for up to 4hrs, this covers gas and all expenses. I calculate distance by using Google Maps.

A Friend Will Hand Delivers Pup to You

I can get a friend to bring the puppy, in cabin, to you. This is an average of $350-500. My friend flies on standby so there might be times where they can not make the flight and you might not get your pups hours after the planned time, or the next day, or even a few days later. Your schedule must be a little open. What happens is my friend will Txt you telling you if she boarded the plane. If she has,  she will tell you the time she will make it to your airport. If she doesn’t board the plane, then she will tell you so and you don’t have to worry about going to the airport later on. This delivery service service is extremely safe and highly recommended. Your baby will be cared for and loved on the entire flight. He/she will come with a small bag of food, their paperwork, and any other item allowed on the flight (toys, harness, etc). I try to give all buyers a puppy package, but sometimes we aren’t able to include many items when they fly.

You Fly In

You are more than welcome to fly in to pick up your new puppy. I will meet you at the airport and hand you your new puppy in his/her blanket and puppy items. You can bring your own carry-on bag, or I can purchase a Sherpa carrier for $70 (or a different brand for $45). No health certificate is required for carry on pets, but if you would like one for your piece of mind, it is $30 more.

Some delivery options may be subjected to an additional fee depending on the  the distance, and the day.