Below are the puppies and adults I have available.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL puppies available are ones that are bred and whelped in my home. To insure my adults are loved and spoiled, some are co-owned with family and friends. These are guardian homes. These adults are their pets plus mine. They are bred in my home, and their puppies are born in my home and raised here. I prefer to only have 4-5 adults in my home at once, and believe this arrangement is great for my family members and myself. 

To reserve a puppy, please fill out my puppy application and review my health warranty and deposit agreement. Once approved, you and I will discuss the puppy and confirm he/she is best for you. you must send a $300-1000 non-refundable deposit as well as a signed copy of the deposit contract. If possible, the health warranty can be signed at the same time, too. I can NOT hold a pup without a deposit. I have had many buyers loose out on a pup because they wanted to wait until the pup got older or until they get their checks. I understand that you can’t control certain situations, but you must also realize that many potential buyers end up choosing another breeder, and I end up loosing on a different family for the puppy. A deposit will lock in the price and is the only way to truly reserve a puppy.

Please note that prices aren’t locked in. They can change unless a deposit is placed.


Why? Because I have had situations where I held a puppy for 4-6 months only for the buyer to back out, and for me to lose out on many potential new families. Please be 100% sure you can afford the puppy you would like to purchase and that you have approval from others (such as your landlord, husband, HOA, etc.)



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Lifetime Return Policy and Support for All Puppies!!!

All puppies will come with a lifetime return policy in case the new owner can not care or keep their puppy anymore. No matter if it’s 1 year from now or 8 years from now, I will always welcome a puppy back that is from one of my breedings. It would kill me to know that the puppy is being passed around from rescue to rescue, ended up in a shelter, or being placed in a bad home. I want the best and am willing to find a new home for the puppy myself.

I am also a breeder that will email for updates and to help out anyway that I can. I am always a phone call or email away and encourage any new owner to contact me if you need help or suggestions on certain subjects. Please understand that I am NOT a vet so I may not know certain health situations. You should always have a backup emergency vet on hand for emergencies.

I have been going to my vet for over 10yrs now. They handle most of my emergencies and all of my pups are vet checked by them.  The owner of this clinic also adopted one of my adults! 

Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic (Dr. WADHWANI) – (512) 339-8472




Please note that if you would like your puppy to come with a health certificate, it is an additional $50. A health certificate is not needed for pick up and to fly through cabin.  The exam cost $40 and the actual certificate cost $10.

I also allow the option of a puppy to be bile acid tested and blood tested before they leave, at buyer’s expense.

*$210 for the actual bile acid test,
*$125 for a full blood panel (CBC+ more ),
*and an additional $40 for an exam

I will try to aim for the cheapest prices if possible, and I have no problem giving the new owners a copy of the receipts.

These expenses does not go towards the price of the puppy. The buyer agrees that all fees are non-refundable and goes to my veterinarian.