This is the one and only BLANCO!!!!

He’s a beautiful extreme white chocolate parti boy.  He is not only extreme white, he was born PURE white, with no color! Slowly as he grew, he started to get his chocolate points, so he does have chocolate on his nose, lips, paws, and around his eyes.  He also have chocolate pigment on his skin under the white coat, including on his ears, to insure he can see and hear.

Please note that I have never bred Merles and will never breed Merles. My dogs are AKC Yorkies. My dogs don’t have blue eyes typical of merles. Blanco have the standard greenish hazel eyes that a lot of chocolate based Yorkies have.

To know more about extreme white, click here for basic information: (use different keywords to find articles on extreme white)

To know more about green eyes, click here:

Please understand the color. Only those who have seriously educated themselves with the color should ever breed it. Blanco would make a great pairing with girls with full mask of colors!

I believe he is the first ever pure white chocolate parti ever born with AKC registration.  I wasn’t breeding for the color, but it def popped out. lol  The colors are common with people who breed Biewer mixes, which is why those dogs are ACA/APRI/CKC/etc registered.

I have had 3 generations of this line.  Yes, he was born with me, and yes, I can prove that he was white when born and while he grew. I will include pictures of him when he was first born and as he grew.

He has a super short and compact body frame. My hand is almost as long as his height. He gets his body frame from his mother, who also had those super short little legs. His coat is pure silk and beautiful.


Stud Service

Stud service will be available in the summer of 2019 and later. But please note… I will only offer artificial inseminate! I have a serious fear of parvo and my dogs getting other type of diseases (such as brucellosis) and viruses. I cannot and will not put my dogs and puppies in jeopardy with another breeder. All it takes is one breeder not knowing their dogs is a carrier of something or them intentionally lying about where they have been or been exposed to in their past. I honestly would like to believe everyone is truthful, but we know that is not how the world works.

If you want to know more about studding or believe you might want to go ahead and stud with my baby boy, PLEASE CONFIRM in advance! The earlier I know you are interested, the better! 


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What is included with the Studding?

*Copy of Blanco’s pedigree,
*A copy of his color genetic testing
*You will also get a copy of his DNA results through AKC and through BioPet Laboratories
*Signed Contract
*Current Brucellosis Test
*Free repeat studding if your girl doesn’t become pregnant!

PLEASE NOTE: I need at least a month’s notice for studding, so I can be prepared. I will need to get a current brucellosis test. This can sometimes take a week to get the results back.

Payment – Stud Fee

Please message me for more information concerning the stud fee. I will take everything into consideration when giving a price.  The fee will be the average price of a pick of the litter puppy.   A $500 non-refundable deposit must be paid 2-4wks before the studding is to take place. I will then get a brucellosis test done. After the results is given, the balance of the stud fee must be given before semen is shipped or delivered.

Please note that Stud fee MUST be given before semen is given and the studding takes place.

Studding Inquiry Form

PLEASE email me at after you submit the form and tell me you submitted the form. Sometimes my questionnaires and forms go to my spam folder, and I don’t end up getting the message. By emailing me from your regular account, it will go to my inbox.

City, State
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Some of the puppies he has produced:

His smallest puppy is charting 1.4lbs full grown and his biggest is charting 5lbs full grown.  Yes… his lines are TINY!