I am slowly adding my adults 1 at a time. lol I also have a new computer, so I will slowly add the pictures and information I have from my older computer.

ALL DOGS ARE AKC REGISTERED! I might not register every litter or include registration with each puppy, but EVERY SINGLE dog I have or co-own is AKC registered! 

Please note that over the next few months (late 2020, early 2021), I will be retiring most of my colored Yorkies. I will focus more on traditionals and golds.



Peanut (retiring 2021)
Blanco (retiring in 2021)



Ember (Co-own with my mother)



Please note that some of my adults are co-owned with family members and other breeders (such as my mother, sister, aunt, etc). So please don’t be surprised if you see their names on registration papers. I know my limits and what is fair for my furbabies. I can get extremely busy, especially with pups, so co-owning allows them to stay with their own family as one of their only pets. I occasionally get to keep them, and we share breeding. It works out great, because I don’t think it’s fair for to have too many furbabies in my home when I’m busy. They need their own attention and love (I don’t see a point in having animals to love if they’re stuck in a playpen all day).  Most of my family members are within 10-15mins of me, so we have the ability to visit every day or every other day.